Planted: 1911

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This shrub can be found on the west side of the Philadelphus Walk.

Distribution:Native of south west Caucasus – small concentration in China.  Not widely planted.
Planting Date:March 1911 – planted in Mr Hammond’s garden. Transplanted in the Philadelphus Walk in 1926. Purchased from Plowman and Son, High Street, and Lubenham Hill, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.
Growth Habit:Strong growing shrub with erect branches to 2.5 m to 3.6 m high
Bark:Narrowly striped gold and green.
Leaf:Opposite, in pairs of oblong to elliptic leaflets 3 to 5 finely toothed, smooth surface but slightly hairy beneath.
Flowers:Drooping panicles of bell shaped white flowers appearing on 2nd year wood in late spring before leaves open.
Fruit:Double chambered inflated capsules becoming dry and stiffly papery.  About 5 cm long. Seeds shiny yellow to brown.
Potential tree size: 3 m
Uses:No information
Plant Hunter:No information
Introduction Date:1850, Veitch Nurseries, Exeter, Devon
Anecdotes and Comments:Not widely planted despite receiving a First Class Certificate in 1879 from the Royal Horticultural Society.