The Arboretum was created by Francis Hammond starting in 1913 so many of our trees are now over 100 years old.  Mr Hammond continued to expand the site and add new plants until just before his death in 1937. His Arboretum then sadly suffered many years of neglect until 1992 when volunteers set about restoration and planting new acquisitions.

Today the Arboretum, within the grounds of Robert Smyth Academy, houses over 300 trees and shrubs in the 2.4 acre site.  These include 33 County Champion trees, one English Champion and One British Champion based either on their height, girth or often both.

Mr Hammond’s collections included: Acer (Maple & Sycamore), Malus (Crabapple), Philadelphus (Mock Orange), Populus (Poplar) and Syringa (Lilac). He also planted American and Chinese and Japanese collections where many of his rare plants can be found today.

We are in the process of building this website as a resource to show the characteristics of individual trees at different times of the year. Information on each specimen can be accessed either via the interactive map or from the index pages or, whilst in the Arboretum, from the QR code on specimen labels.

The Arboretum is open to visitors at selected times throughout the year, in October under the National Garden Scheme and for group visits.

If you would like to help in any way, as a volunteer, to maintain, develop and publicise the Arboretum, please speak to one of our volunteers at an open day or use our contact form to provide your details.

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