County Champion

Planted: 1919

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This tree can be found half way along the Grass Path – south towards the Park Drive Path.

Distribution:Robina is a genus of about half a dozen deciduous trees and shrubs confined to a few SE U.S. states.
The name commemorates Jean Robin, herbalist to Henry IV of France and his son Vespasien.
Planting Date:1919
Bought from:James Smith (Scotland Nurseries), Tansley, Matlock, Derbyshire
Appearance:Robinia xambigua ‘decaisneana’ is a very hardy.
The rose-pink flowers provide an attractive, and fragrant, late spring to early summer display.
Leaf:Deciduous with green Foliage
Flowers:Large racemes of pale pink flowers.
 Tree  height and girth in 2023 Height 24 m and girth 134 cm
Uses:Ornamental tree
Good street tree – tolerant of pollution.
Useful in stabilising sandbanks unstable soil.
Introduction Date:Garden origin 1863
Anecdotes and CommentsRated by The Tree Register County Champion in 2023 by virtue of both its  height and girth.
Other Common names: Pink flowering Locust, Pink Locust, Pink Silk tree.