#88 MAIDENHAIR TREE Ginkgo biloba

An ancient primitive tree occurring in many parts of the world 200 million years ago, and appearing as fossils in coal seams… regarded as a sacred tree in the East and commonly planted in vicinity of Buddhist temples. Long considered extinct in the wild, it is now known to have survived in the Zhejiang and Anhui Provinces of South East China. Cultivated for centuries in China and introduced to England in 1754.

From Mr Hammond’s Plant Register: 

(Supplier not named) “  Dec. 1913. 6ft.8ins.   No shoots 8/4/14:   budding 24/4/14:  Doing well 8/8/14. Healthy 1915:  Leaves retained 14 Nov. 1916;  13ft.4ins. (1923);   22ft.6ins. (1934).”