#56 Platycarya strobilacea

National Champion

Planted by Mr Hammond in 1928. This is a rare, to very rare, relative of the Wingnuts in the Walnut family. Originating from dry sunny positions in the forests of East Asia.

It presents bright-greenish-yellow upright catkins in Spring. The male, pollen bearing, catkins gather round a shorter green female catkin at the centre of each group. These later develop into 4cm prickly cone-like brown fruit which remain on the tree until the summer of the following year.

Usually these trees do not survive past 40 years in our climate. But this specimen has more than doubled that. Although leaning and arched, it is listed by Johnson as a National Champion because of its age.

‘Johnson, Owen (2011) Champion Trees of Britian and Ireland: The Tree Register Handbook, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew’