#127 Fagus sylvatica Dawyck (listed as Fagus sylvatica fastigiata) DAWYCK BEECH

The Dawyck or upright beech originated at Dawyck in Scotland before 1850. Discovered in a wood on the Dawyck Estate in 1860 and brought down to the gardens.

This specimen was supplied by Hillier’s nursery and planted by Mr Hammond in January 1934. It was a gift to celebrate Mr Hammond’s 75th Birthday, from Ralton, his brother. This is a  photograph of the young tree at time of planting:

Titchen’s  report of 2004 lists this as a very good specimen.  Observes it to be product of seed, and not graft, on account of the occasional ‘wide’ growing branch more typical of the Common Beech.  (Grafted specimens tend to be 100% fastigiate).


In 2009 it was measured by Owen Johnson :  height 23m;  girth 1.94m.